Informative CellML 2.0 Specification

This document is the informative version of the CellML 2.0 Specification, which combines the normative specification with examples and less formal explanations of CellML syntax and interpretation. Readers may expand the “See more” blocks throughout this document to access each section of the informative version and see the relevant examples and links.

The official normative specification document is to download from:


Michael Clerx, Michael T. Cooling, Jonathan Cooper, Alan Garny, Keri Moyle, David P. Nickerson, Poul Nielsen, and Hugh Sorby.


Koray Atalag, David Brooks, Edmund J. Crampin, Jesús Carro Fernández, Peter J. Hunter, Gary R. Mirams, and Maxwell L. Neal.

The authors also wish to acknowledge the significant contribution of the (discontinued) CellML 1.2 draft specification, much of the text of which was incorporated into this specification, although the semantics have changed considerably. The CellML 1.2 draft specification was itself the result of a collaborative effort by a number of researchers during 2008-2011:

Andrew K. Miller (who wrote the text reused here), Randall Britten, Jonathan Cooper, Alan Garny, Peter J. Hunter, Justin Marsh, Poul Nielsen, David P. Nickerson, and Hugh Sorby.